The Beginning of A Windy Back Road

I love driving on country roads. I especially love this when its warm outside and I can roll my windows down and feel the freedom of the wind on my face. I love taking the curves at just the right speed and knowing just how far over to the other lane I can merge. I love knowing that I’m good at driving back roads and that not everyone is. Back roads take me back, back to happy times. No matter how many times you drive a back road, you never drive in the same path twice. Wow, doesn’t that sound like life? I had no idea when I found out I was pregnant that the road would be a back one. I really had no idea that it would be a windy one. Windy back roads are great when you are the one driving. However, I was forced to sit in the backseat. That’s actually how life is. I am a nagging backseat driver, but somehow God always gets control of the wheel. He knows my ultimate destination, and thanks to him I know I will get there one day. The journey on my back road is tragic and interesting and I hope you will continue to read about it.

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